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1個2,000円 メッセージ付き!







Last year, the bread and coffee pop-up event "と。" received a tremendous response. It was set against the backdrop of the Toji Shrine, and the setup further enhanced the atmosphere, receiving positive feedback not only from participants but also from vendors, resulting in a great success.

In light of these results, the organizing committee has made the decision to make it an annual event, starting in 2023.

However, due to the easing of infection control measures and considerations for tourists, the use of Toji Shrine was no longer possible, and the hastily chosen alternative venue, a former car inspection site, also became unavailable.

In a twist of fate, this time, we were able to secure the use of Antsu Shrine as the new venue.

Combining the trending pop-up event featuring bread and coffee with the ambiance of a shrine, which is a symbol of Wakayama and Nanki Tanabe, promises to elevate this year's event even further. To achieve this, we have decided to use a whopping 250 lanterns to decorate the shrine!

Initially, we had considered only featuring the names of sponsoring companies and businesses on these lanterns, as seen in other festivals. However, with the desire to involve as many people as possible in creating this unique atmosphere, we have introduced the concept of "support lanterns" without personalization!

【Support Lantern】
1 lantern for 2,000 yen, including a message!
You can include a message of up to 15 characters on the lantern 🏮✨

While the message lanterns will be visible to those who support us on the day of the event, we will also share the event's highlights in the form of photos and videos for everyone to relive later.

Furthermore, for those who have personalized messages on the lanterns, we will provide them as souvenirs upon request.

We hope this special feeling of "creating this atmosphere together" will allow you to look back on fond memories.

Let's fill Antsu Shrine with your messages!! ✨✨

If you are interested or willing to support, please feel free to contact us via DM to this account or to individual members of the organizing committee.

This year's unique atmosphere is just the beginning. In the coming years, we plan to expand not only from Tanabe in Wakayama but also across cities, towns, prefectures, and even beyond the borders of our country.

Let's create "と。" together!

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